Unbound Gravel 2024, Jonathan?

All those issues exist in IM races, too……especially for Age Groupers getting caught in packs.

Part of the onus will need to be on the men who are being caught…they need to just sit up and let the women pass.

I don’t think it needs to be very complicated and it sure doesn’t need to be perfect….make the rule and adapt the next year, if necessary.


It’s all good. Complaining on the internet is part of my process. Now I feel better :smile:.


Knocked out a 100 miles in 5 hours .7 if. Also flat .if hurts more then hilly .if

Def have more in the tank. Was my longest ride of the year. 3 weeks from now is going to hurt


20 days to go. Going to make this my last big week. My ctl is finally above 80. I bought a front light and will have it ready at the final stop. Time to swap on my tires and test them saturday.


I did the 200 last year (my first race ever) on a factor ostro gravel. I had only been riding a drop bar bike outside for like 3 months before hand. I used to ride a lot of gravel, road and very easy MTB on my 2010 aluminum Cannondale F1 29er hard tail (double crowned lefty). I find long haul riding to be more comfortable on the gravel bike usually, but mostly due to hand and saddle pain on the MTB. Saddle pain was probably because I had a bad saddle. Your physiology and bike fit will determine comfort but I find the Factor Ostro Gravel relatively compliant. It’s now missing some paint on the inside of the chain stays and the outside of the drive side chain stay from all the mud.

New episode of the *Funbound” podcast has a pretty detailed course description.

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100 mile route recon

Nothing like my rear derailleur not syncing, the sync button is broken. Ordered a new rival one. Next week swapping bar tape and bleeding brakes. Final long rides this weekend till unbound.

Mid week race podium while driving the break and averaging your ftp for the race has to be good unbound training .


Well, this week has been crap for training. In Sicily for our Global Distributor meeting. Had a decent ride yesterday (2:45, ~150 TSS) but the roads in Sicily are crap and the traffic is heavy.

Worse, my only time to train today and tomorrow will be early in the AM and my Varia seems to have schitt the bed…it won’t charge. Don’t want to risk riding on these roads without a light in the back.

Will see if I get a chance in the afternoons to sneak in at least a brief ride.

The only upside is that I had a big week last week and this will just be a bit more of a recovery week than I thought it would be.

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Do you think a bad week 3 weeks out will impact you much?


I honestly don’t know….in theory, I don’t think it should. Cake has been baked and all that.

But I have always been one who responds well to consistency in my training and I really will only have one solid week of training after this. Race week I will be going easy, obviously.

We’ll see how the legs respond when I get home. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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Control your controllable, your in a cool place enjoy it. I agree the cake is baked and your trying to determine the frosting your putting on it. Its ok to not be 100% focused for a few days. Or thats what I tell myself when I have stuff happen.



Y’all are posting some monster beast mode training!

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I’m in the same boat. Life getting in the way and a bad case of saddle sores. I think life is telling me to stay healthy and coast to the starting line. At this stage I think the only thing that would help is heat training, but it’s 50 degrees and raining so :man_shrugging:


I feel everything you just said….i am currently dealing with some….umm, undercarriage issues as well. Several PNI’s that I have no choice but to gut through at this point.

I ordered a home heat sauna and will start using that as soon as I get home since we have still been riding in arm / leg warmers up until now!

Yep, all you can really do is fine tuning at this point. Heat training is a good short term adaptation that doesn’t require big efforts or time and the sauna sounds like a good approach. I haven’t seen too many hot days this year, but last Saturday and Tuesday felt hot (but only mid/high 80’s). Next week will be hot in Texas also. I’m racing Rule of 3 in Bentonville this weekend and it’s only showing highs in the low 80’s on Saturday, kinda wishing it was warmer (I’m sure I won’t be saying that at the end).

In hindsight, I wish I had signed up for Gravel Locos again as my final prep race rather than rule of 3. Besides being hotter this weekend in Texas, the Gravel Locos course is just better prep for unbound. I pre-rode the 50 mile course for Rule of 3 today and there is some nice chunky gravel, but the single track just isn’t good prep for me. It’s not crazy technical, but makes me nervous (especially since it’s been raining/slick on the trails). I plan to push/race on the gravel/road sections, but just pick my way around the single track as safe/easy as possible and focus on keeping it upright.

Input 230 lbs, cat 4 gravel, 47mm. This seems low- would i be risking a pinch flat?

Run inserts

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Maybe not cat 4 gravel. There may be a few little small sections but most will get cat2/3.