Unbound Gravel 2024, Jonathan?

Outbound lights are very nice…not the cheapest options, but very good visibility.

IMO, Niterider lights till give you the best bang-for-the-buck, especially since you can usually find the Lumina 900 or 11oo on sale pretty cheap (i.e. less than $100).


I will bring lights and put them at the final stop.

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Besides finishing, my only other goal is to Beat The Sun. Really hoping I don’t need lights…but my support crew will have them at the final stop, just in case.


I’m not beating the sun for sure. For me, a good day will be get in before midnight so I’ll definitely have lights.


At a certain point the race just becomes about finishing. I have a goal time this year, but in the back of the mind not going for the goal time seems like it might make the event more enjoyable.


+1 for outbound. My only regret is not getting one sooner. Riding in the dark is the best.


Agree to a point, but some of my most miserable times on the bike was when I slipped into “just finish” mode or didn’t treat an event as a race. When racing, I’m much more focused and driven, time goes by much faster, and I don’t get sloppy with nutrition/hydration, etc. There is also just some kind of mental switch for me where going easy feels like a beat down and puts me in a crappy head space.

My best example of this was leadville a couple years ago. I had some mechanicals early and realized half way into the race that I had no shot at the big buckle. So, I figured that I’d back off the effort a little and just enjoy riding my MTB for the rest of the day without pushing too hard. Just a terrible experience the 2nd half of that race, felt like it went on forever even though I was only ~30 minutes slower than I would have been racing.

If going easy to just finish is part of a plan to ride with some friends, etc., that can be a lot of fun. But doing it in a race solo has not turned out well for me.


Outbound detour light is tempting but considering the following light given the price and its runtime.

Lezyne macro drive 1400+

TFW you wake up and your TR program says you are entering your Build phase…


Just select an endurance ride from workout alternates each time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Time for 3min intervals @ vo2 for me today

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My original plan was to start build this week, but I decided to repeat my last block of base due to injury and the resulting volume reduction over the past month. Doing a few weeks of base now still gives me a couple months of build and a month of specialty/taper and a couple B races prior to unbound. Should be good if I don’t have any more big setbacks.

I finally got outside and did some proper intervals for the first time in a month and my injured hand held up OK. I tried one of the last workouts I did prior to injury and I was able to hit similar numbers, so fitness hasn’t dropped too much (but probably getting a boost from very little fatigue in the legs). I’m planning to ramp volume up sharply over the next 3 weeks and hopefully be ready for build at that point.


12 hours and 600tss put into the bank. I did 6 two hour rides in total

6x3min vo2
5x8min threshold
3x30min 85%
3 120min endurance rides

Hoping for a 700tss week or more

20 days till first race of year

So much time for unbound


I have one of those Lezynes. The thing to keep in mind is beam pattern. The Lezyne pattern is good for seeing far ahead in a fairly narrow pattern, thus good for road and gravel. But it’s terrible for MTB. If that’s not a concern then no worries.

Also, it can be a PITA to strap to the bars and pop off if you do it wrong. The trick to getting the strap on easy and tight is to rotate the light 90 degrees to the strap so you can get good access to the hook. Turns out sometimes you just gotta RTFM.

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Years ago I had another lezyne with the same strap. I did order the lezyne 1400+. It was on sale at biketiresdirect and I had like $20 in VIP points so I ended up getting it for $56 which was too good to pass up. I might get the outbound lighting hangover light for my helmet as that will give me a wider beam and the lezyne will cover further down.

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100 days

I’m in Taipei this week, but I dragged my bike with me……the riding here is incredible, as I first discovered this time last year.

Got two really good days of climbing in….yesterday’s 20 mile ride had one, long sustained 9 mile climb. Today’s 17 mile ride had 4 different climbs, the longest being ~4 miles that got close to 20% near the top.

Oddly, I passed some EF guys heading up as I was coming down….have no idea what they were doing out here.

Not that Unbiund has any sustained climbing like this, but it is great training….plus it is in a week where I would normally not get any training in.


Keep on grinding

A compete week off the bike wrecked me

Seeing how it is under a 100 days away, how are people ramping up their weekend endurance rides? I’ve done some 3 hr trainer rides on the weekend, and I starting to replace weekend rides with longer outside workouts or events. I have a 4 1/2 hour outside ride this Saturday weather permitting. I’m seeing the “red light/green light” pop up a lot more after my longer rides on my calendar.

I am trying to get out where I can. Sat looks to be 30 here and sunday 50. Goal is to grab 4-5 hours on those open days.

I am still at 60 ctl. I am trying to stack back to back 4-6 hours rides in rather then one extremely long ride in like I have done in the past.

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