Unbound Gravel 2023

Interesting. I emailed them with this specific scenario and they indicated it should work to extend the runtime long enough to make it through the night.

What data fields do you display for such a long ride? Are you paying close attention to IF and heart rate? Power? Or just going by feel. Or all of the above?

I had none of the above. For the first part of the day I just had the map and elapsed time.

Much later in the day I had distance, speed, time, average speed, and HR zone on a second screen.

I had a drink/eat reminder on all day. Every 20 minutes.

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I can’t quite recall 2 years ago what fields I had for unbound. Probably the map with time and distance. I likely had power and heart rate just to keep and eye on them just so I didn’t go too hard.

I have a kitchen sink screen and use Di2 buttons to switch. I haven’t loaded it yet but there’s a Garmin IQ App for stem stickers for time targets. I’m going to be checking that one out for sure.

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Do you mean like notes you would normally tape to your stem? So you can just have them display on your head unit ?

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Yes exactly

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local bike shop had only a pair of pathfinder pro 42’s left so snagged those so i have some fresh tires to throw on before the race. still wondering if specialized is about to release a new pathfinder though since they’re not even listed on their website.

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I was wondering the same thing, I saw no Pathfinder Pros on the website only sworks and lower level offerings.

Assuming you can get them, the s-works version seem like they don’t really have any downsides do they?

What I read was it was the same tire but the knobs were a little smaller, BRR states same puncture resistance but sworks are lighter and have less knob edge height. Appears they just removed material to lower the weight.

BRR has pathfinder 42mm
sworks 435 g 20.2w at low pressure
pro 540 g 20.3 w at low pressure

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Seems like win-win for me

Might be why the pro is no longer offered?

But the sworks tire hasn’t been in stock since last summer, i think.

That’s frustrating

Yeah, I called around about 6 months ago and again today. Sounds like there is no ETA for a restock.

yeah, that is not a win. A couple weeks back Jenson showed backorder until mid-February but now shows nothing. The best I could find was a specialized store in Chicago had some but was not about to make the drive to go get them.

Call and see if they will ship?

I also already have a set of Schwalbe g-one rs to use for the race so it’s not urgent for me to add even more tires to the stockpile, although I am mildly nervous about the puncture resistance of that tire.

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Some have said they don’t have as much protection, but they held up for me all summer included Unbound 200. Gladly, take the weight savings.