Unbound Gravel 2021, Race / Ride

What an exciting day! Getting new stuff is awesome.

I am waiting for my Tire Inserts… coming this week. Tire wiz huh? I would like to hear what you think about that. Is it really worth it? What is your idea? catch an air leak before it loses much air?

I need to get a bike fit as well but I do have my pedals and chain. :slight_smile:
I am planning on waxing my chain and bringing wax lube with me (in case it doesnt last 100mi).

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TyrewiZ is more of an idea to get pressure dialed in. Also see if I lose pressure over 100miles and make sure I think about that. Also seeing so many pumps have a large variance wanting accurate pressure takes the pump out of the equation

I also wax my chain…I’d be interested what you decide to go with for back up lube needs.

(also my wife just gave me a ‘that’s what she said’ about not being able to use just any lube because we wax)

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I’m a fan of chain waxing for my road bike but not my gravel bike. Instead, I use Squirt and have had really good luck with it. Much simpler to use on the gravel bike and easy to apply mid-race.

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I used that product prior to waxing. Good chance I go to it again unless silica has a better product out. He seems to have a few new products

Did a 73mi gravel race yesterday, Thomasville Clay Road Classic…paced myself well, finished strong if sore. Only like my 6th ride outside, nothing else over 43mi, so my body needs the conditioning and I need to remember I have bike handling skills. Overall success.

Ordered a spare rear derailleur and a couple spare hangers tonight along with a DarkSpeedWorks 483D and 915D top tube bags (915 is bigger and I’ll only use for 100+mi rides).

Another 70mi gravel event this Saturday!