UK Replacement for Jamis Renegade - big Stack and Reach road bike or gravel bike type thing

Hi all,

Hope someone can offer some advice here as going around in circles.

Currently running a Renegade Expert in 61cm with hand built wheels, tubeless 32mm tyres on the road - use it for fun and club rides and sportives. At 53 i’m no spring chicken and looking for a new ride.
Trouble is there doesn’t seem to be anyone who imports Carbon Renegades to the UK any more. I’m also tall - long arms and legs so need a big stack/reach - saddle height is 850mm from BB so around 800 vertical and bars are around 90-100mm below that level. Stack on this bike is 640 and reach is 405. I’m runnig 25mm of spacers and -6% 100mm stem.

The conundrum i’m having is - what can I get to supplement it with that will still be quick on the club runs but also good enough for wider tyres on the trails as i’m doing the Reivers next year so it has to be able to tackle that.
I can bash out rides with the club quite happily up to and over 100 miles averaging 17-18mph but am wondering whether a gravel bike with road wheels and tyres will be the way to go or a road bike that could take wider tyres.

Renegade has small hole in bottom of chain stay so until i get that sorted i’m not risking it.

Not huge amounts to spend - max £2300 and have spotted:
Orro Terra C in size XL
Cube Agree C62 in 62cm
Canyon Endurace CF 7 in XL
Obrea Terra M30 in XL (looks gawky in pics though)

Many bikes simply don’t seem to allow the saddle height - as seem to be on the limit for Treks based on saddle heights in geometry charts.

Tested Roubaix - felt like mush, Tarmac - felt twitchy and too low at the front, BMC Roadmachine - nice and stable, Synapse Carbon - uninspiring, Cielli Veltrix - gorgeous but way too low though didn’t get much time to play around with fit.

Does anyone have any suggestions - either alternatives in my price point or comments on these. Cube may be unsuitable but it looks fast. ha ha . Needs to be able to hold a good pace on the road - not sure if the Orro can…

I’m quite tall at 6’3’’ and have long legs and arms so seem to be an outlier to bike manufacturers and am going around in circles - look for a road focused bike that i can bash out the miles on and hit the trails. Not hard trails mind - i have the MTB for those.

Looking to purchase on line perhaps …

Thanks for ANY help you can give to a fellow TR user,



The tall guy in our club rides Colnago and Pinerello. Not quite sure how that works with your budget…

Hi and thanks for that splash - Unfortunately they’re both outside of my budget.

Hah, thought so. They’d be out of my budget too!

For an off-road bike for Dirty Reiver, could try Planetx Space Chicken. Stack is 610 and reach 398 in XL, so with some spacers close to your current one. Seat tube is 600, which means you’d have an extra 250mm up to your saddle which doesn’t seem unreasonable to me - my bikes have more.

I’d forgotten about planet X as they’re usually too small. Space chicken is a good call and if the shop was still open I could pop in on the way to or from work. Trouble is it’s not got a 2x drive train so couldn’t also hack it as my road bike.
I will chuck it into a geo comparison tool that I found.
Trued a viner strada bianca in l a couple of years ago and chain stats caught my heels. That actually has a slightly higher stack and longer reach.
Shame no option to throw a leg over then any more.

Also just remembered have bigger frames - their pro cross gravel goes up to a 64cm frame, even though stack and reach don’t seem much more than the space chicken.

Think to be honest the Orro Terra Gravel or C and the Canyon Endurace are looking like favorites though there is a local place that does Rose bikes. They have the UK test fleet and you can go have a look at them in the flesh - so may give them a call… Nothing in my size but be good to lay hands on them and see what they’re like.

Think my question really is - is a gravel/adventure bike slower than an endurance road bike just because of the slightly higher weight and bigger tyres. So would swapping out the wheels make it more level?

May have to drop a question on this.