Types of Yoga - Does it matter?

And also don’t forget that there is yoga for your body and yoga for your mind.

I love to do yoga exercises as a part of my morning routine and can really see the positive effect of it not only on my body but also on my mind. I use Yanva yoga website to check the best poses suitable for me and my particular condition and the instructions on how to do them correct.


I like this app!

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Thank you

Thanks for the recommendation! I’m new to yoga, so I’ll check it out for sure.

I’ve been practicing with Down Dog since the beginning of the pandemic, when my yoga classes were canceled. It’s a great app. I also found many good suggestions at https://betterme.world/articles/yoga-before-or-after-workout/ article. It seems to me that practicing yoga is best for training at home.

I’ve been using this as a part of my evening wind-down routine: 15-Minute Post-Ride Yoga Routine Video - Pinkbike

I feel better on the bike and in the gym when I keep doing it regularly.

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Thanks for sharing! Tried yoga several times. Like it, but never have enough time for it. Yoga after the rides sounds perfect for me!