Types of Yoga - Does it matter?

I have heard about the importance of yoga in addition to cycling. The added benefits of flexibility, mobility, and working your muscles differently. Does the type of yoga matter? For example, I have been doing restorative yoga which is not very intensive and holds poses for a little longer. None of these poses are standing, all on the mat. Am I missing out on any benefits by doing this yoga vs the traditional types of yoga?

Thanks in advance!


What makes this better?

It really depends on what you want to target. Other types will add a bit of balance work into the routine, which can be helpful if that’s what you are after. Power yoga can add a bit more strength work to the workout, but really it depends on what you need. If you are just looking for stretching after a ride, then what you are doing is probably fine.

“Yoga” is a pretty broad term and it really depends what you’re after! I tend to use the more intense variations to get my core work in. I’m actually a big fan of Dylan Werner’s True Strength Evolution series. It’s basically intensive core work with stretches and mobility as the rest periods. They’re very time-efficient 30 minute workouts that complement cycling really well.

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Do you have a Garmin? They have some good yoga routines that you can put on your wearable. I do the “Improve Flexibility Now” routine with fair regularity and it does a great job opening up my hips and has, not surprisingly, improved my flexibility overall.

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Thanks! I will check it out! Do you recommend the subscription?

I didn’t realize Garmin had this feature. Currently I am using the Down Dog app.

Right now I ride Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. I typically do yoga on Monday/Friday as recovery/mobility. So my goal is to prevent injury, prevent upper/lower cross syndrome, and overall improve mobility.

A little humour never hurts.


@geraldm24 That is hilarious! Great add!

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I came across them last winter as just something else to do, new challenge. It’s been fun. They have a handful of different routines, including one that they say is geared towards helping cyclists with muscular imbalances, mobility issues and basic flexibility in the low back and hips. I’d say they are worth checking out. They are by no means “expert” level routines, either. 20ish minutes or less for most.

I definitely recommend the trial! Then I guess it depends on how much you intend to use it.

While there’s a wide variety of classes, I always revolve around the same ones. I do them twice a week though, so it’s still worth for me. I just wish I could buy them in a one time purchase like it used to be.

Yin Yoga

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Agreed, though it all depends on what you want to get out of it. Ashtanga or Power Yoga are good at developing core strength and balance, but I don’t need more “active exercise” at this point. I exclusively do Yin Yoga. It’s perfect for me since it uses postures held for longer (2-4 minutes), allowing gravity to pull the muscles/joints instead of fighting gravity in the other Yoga forms. This targets the fascia and allows overworked areas to lengthen. This has helped me a lot with flexibility on the bike and is perfect for recovery days.


Same reasoning for me

Thanks for the input!! I would agree with you, I am still adapting to the intensity. I actually tried Yin Yoga this morning, and loved it. Thanks for the recommendation.

Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing the mark.

Anyone else using the app Down Dog? I highly recommend it.


Only yin.

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I use the downdog app. I am a huge fan. I got a year for $15. Great value IMO

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Sure , go with the type that is suitable for you