Two weeks in a hotel. Sit down bike

I am away for two weeks in a hotel that only has a sit down bike. It doesn’t have a power meter which of course wouldn’t have been great anyway. I will have use RPE.

My question is around cadence. I did Kern -5 on it today and I found the smoothness a bit of a problem. Any tips for using a sit down bike? Is the cadence normally a bit lower or so you get used to it?

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I was in Hyderabad. I wasn’t going to cycle those roads :grinning:

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Way too late for this, but the next time when you’re in a similar situation, my suggestion would be to do sprint workouts like Charing.

It’s much simpler to do sprint workouts on shitty hotel bikes because you don’t even need to gauge RPE. The goal is to reach failure at 20-30 seconds, and it’s dead simple to adjust resistance to hit that target. My only suggestion would be to try a few of these workouts at home first, so you know what to expect.

Cooling is much less of an issue on sprint intervals as well.

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That is useful to know. The power was no doubt wrong on the bike, but sitting was not a nice experience.