Tubeless road tire 2023

The other one I would like to see BRR test is the Pirelli P Zero 4S Race TLR in a 32c I had good luck with the old tubed PZero 4S, given the performance of the 28mm P Zero Race TLR (speedcore), I wonder if the 32c 4S Race TLR would be in the ball park of 15 watts, ~76 puncture, 80 wet grip.

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The Mondos just came out on RRR :slight_smile: Specialized S-Works Mondo 2Bliss Ready T2/T5 35 Rolling Resistance Review

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Posted some Mondo vs other numbers above!

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It’s a shame that it’s so much, considering that it looks like a nice endurance tyre! 4 watts per tyre is quite a lot.

Btw, what are the initial thoughts on the GP5000 AS TR?

Was just 0.5w slower than regular GP5000, so was thinking of trying it next time :slight_smile:

I dunno, real roads are not steel drums. Honestly seeing some really fast times on the Mondos, at similar power on multiple tires. And they feel great. My issue with the Mondo is slow sealing of punctures from needles/thorns on the tread/sidewall border area.

Spent 4 hours working on my bike yesterday, only had time to bed in the brakes. I’ll get back to you after a week on the AS TR tires.


AS TR seem pretty good so far - had them on my summer commuting rims in London, probably only 1000 miles in so far. Seem more robust than GP5000 S TR and I definitely can’t tell the difference between them speed wise when switching back to my weekend wheels.


This is something I’ve wondered about. At the end of the day, what I’ve sort of decided is the steel drum matters, and matters a lot. It’s the only real controlled test for tires there is. And at the end of the day, a tire that tests 4 watts slower on a drum IS 4 watts slower on a drum. So whatever else is going on that might be determining tire speed, the slower drum tire effectively has a 4 watt hole to claw itself out of using whatever untested factors might be at play just to get back to even with the faster drum tire.

I dont see any reason to think the fastest drum tire isnt the most LIKELY fastest real world tire. The drum issue, IMO, just adds a bit of variation/mystery to the results…

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I wish they would also create a drum that has a rough surface equivalent to some of the crappy chip seal roads like I have here in Texas. Would be more realistic to mimic what I ride on everyday.


Yea. But to be fair, even thr BBR roller isnr smooth…it’s got like a diamond pattern to it.

Still though. Is there any specific characteristic about a tire that is fast on a roller that suggests it would be slower on a bad road? Specifically…would anyone ever bet money assuming a slow drum tire is faster than a fast drum tire when on a road?

It would nice to find out. Ya never know. For years they thought 19’s at 150lbs were fastest.

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I think they are actually on a perfect surface.

Still. I’d have to believe that the construction of a tire is something that should help in all conditions/pressures/surfaces…who knows though.

Added: Maybe someone smarter than me can answer. Assuming same size/pressure, etc, is there a way to design a tire in such a way that it would outperform it’s competition on the track, while underperform on a rough road?

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There is a short discussion about steel drums and tire rankings on this or another thread. I’ll try and summarize below.

BRR and BikeRadar both have rankings using different steel drums (different labs), similar test procedures, and the same tires end up with different rankings. Surprisingly on the BikeRadar chart the Conti GP 5000 ends up with high rolling resistance relative to other tires.

Go figure.

Given the lack of aero drag on these steel drum tests, I’m good with anything within roughly 5W.

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Oh interesting…so tires actually swap places in meaningful ways? That surprises me.

The Mondos (28c/32c at 72psi) have better road feel versus the AS TR (32/32 at 65psi).

However the AS TR road feel is ok after 3 rides and 4+ hours on our crappy roads. Nothing special about road feel. If they have puncture resistance and sealing like Vittoria N.EXT the only thing missing is price reduction. The N.EXT sealed immediately when pulling out a staple from the tread. The rear 32c Mondo had two separate needle punctures that didn’t want to seal ((Orange regular). Punctures so small I couldn’t find them on the inside. But the Mondo road feel! I’m going to put them on again at some point, and use Silca sealant next time.

High hopes for the AS TR on 30+ miles of dirt roads.

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Interesting! :smiley:

I don’t run tubeless, so sealing capabilities aren’t super important, but road feel is up there on importance.

Just don’t like knowing I am running a slower tyre than I could…

Are SD Worx and Quik Step running tubeless Turbo Cottons or are they running Turbo Cottons with TPU or Latex tubes. It doesn’t look like the S-Works 2Bliss T2/T5. Wondering if maybe a 2Bliss Turbo Cotton is coming.

Per Escape Collective reports they are still on Turbo Cotton

Quick question for the experts…my rear GP5000 TL is showing some wear but still holds air fine and the wear indicator dots are visible. There are diagonal marks on alot of the tread area (see pic). Is it time to change these? I was hoping to get through the end of the season with these tires but don’t want to risk anything. Thanks!!

I think I’d carry a spare tube, use it but keep an eye on it and order a spare that’s on hand for the day its starts spouting sealant too often.

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Anybody see this happening to the reflective strip on GP5K AS TR or other Conti tires?



Same spot, about -90 degrees from the Continental Grand Prix 5000 AS TR lettering. One side only. Maybe from hitting rocks? I dunno.