TT/triathlon bike: disc or no disc

I was…
then saw this… and well…
I dont think Ill be doing TTs any time soon


Oh, that is definitely a thing alright!!

Pics once you get it!!

ETA - Holy schitt, that is a screaming deal, too!!!

And I apparently got the last one in stock!

The andean 2 now show OOS


I admit I did the same thing.

The most exotic n+1 bike I could get my hands on. :slight_smile:

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I almost pulled the trigger on that and I don’t even need a new tri bike :joy:. Extremely good deal and I bet you’re stoked. As far as the disc vs rim brake debate goes for tt bikes I have both (QR pr6 disc and a speed concept), I don’t think there is that much difference. Looks like you will get a hybrid version of cable/hydraulic brakes which are pretty solid (I have them on a commuter bike). They are definitely better than full on cable actuated discs but not quite the same as full hydraulic. In case you aren’t amazed by the performance just know you can go full hydraulic and it is a pretty big improvement.

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I saw that…It’s interesting that they can’t spec full hydraulic brakes on a $9000 bike. I can’t imagine the price difference is that much.

It probably requires different brake levers too if you go full hydraulic. Not 100% on tt levers but it does for road levers

ahh yeah you’re right. Idk why I was thinking it was hydraulic levers then cable and the caliper. Also, it seems like Ultegra doesn’t have a hydraulic tt brake lever. Only for Dura Ace do they have a hydraulic TT lever.

I was wondering the same thing.

I am still very happy with the purchase.
I like the idea of not having to deal with bleeding the hydraulic lines.

Now looking at power meters… Pedals (assioma) or cranks (p2m)?

Do you have peer on any other bikes? What other type of riding do you do?

I only do Tris.
This will be my race/outdoor bike.

My older/not working well/too big TT bike (Felt B16) will be the dedicated trainer bike. This bike will keep the powertab c1 pm for now

Gotcha. I guess it depends on how deep down the aero rabbit hole you want to go with your race bike or if you are super picky and want to keep your current pedal interface. I ended up going crank based on one tt bike so I could use the speedplay aero pedals (all about those marginal gains😂). On the other tt I have some PowerTap p1s.

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I use SPD-SL.
The felt used to have KEO pedals but I gave them away to a friend a while ago (he uses p1 pedals)

Ive been doing the math.
A set of ultegra pedals are 200 (150 for the very good 105s)
A p2m will set me back about 600 (need new cranks since the shimano will not work).
we are talking about 750+

assioma is less but i need a new interface.
I do have older cycling shoes (I hope i havent donate them) that i can probably set to use shimano and have the better shoes to use keo…

will see…

Have you looked at a left side stages or 4iiii? That would be a super easy solution and quite a bit cheaper. I have a few stages on various bikes and find them to be super reliable and on par with dual sided etc. I’d also be willing to send you some pedals to help stop the bleeding. I’m sure I have some keos or Ultegra pedals in the shop not being used if you’re interested

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I have not look at 4iiii as a solution since ive been reading about how inaccurate the shimano based pm could be (dual side). So I was just considered cranks and pedals… but I will look into them.

People definitely have strong opinions on dual versus single side power. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who has a 50/50 split the majority of the time so I don’t notice a difference in single sided compared to dual. I’d say go with a single sided left crank arm unless you plan on swapping out the crank anyways to get a different size

I’ve chosen to go with a Quarq crank. Not the easiest option but I run one without problems on the road bike so it’s an “apples to apples” thing.

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Oder the assioma.

I may want to change the cranks later to shorter…
Plus also want the portability

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Congrats! It’s a beautiful bike. Hope it serves you well.

It looks like a Ducati.

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Yes congrats on the new bike. I race tts in central Florida and have two tt bikes. Neither one stops worth a damn and I’ve already lost a race by 5 measly seconds this year. Better braking at the turnaround could have made the difference.

As for powermeters, wait for the wahoo speed play pedals. If you can’t wait go single sided stages to tide you over.


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