Trying to pair favero pedals with macbook, can't find pedals

hello, I was trying to pair my favero pedals with a macbook and when I open the TR program and try to add a device, it cannot find my pedals.
Everything is working fine with my phone but I thought I would try using TR from my wife’s new macbook.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Could be that they’re already paired with your phone. Disconnect them from your phone’s Bluetooth settings and try again on the MacBook.


This goes for anything that could be connected to them via bluetooth.
Bike computer, watch, phone, etc.


Thank you, I thought I had closed and shut down everything this morning following my workout via the phone. I exited everything but I think my pedals may have still been connected to my watch.
They pedals are now connected to the macbook and I will give it a try tomorrow morning.
Thanks for the help.