Training while waiting on a new bike

So the short story is that my life has recently turned into a bit of a cross between a dramedy and a horror show. We had to cancel a week long vacation trip to California due to my son’s exposure at a week long church camp (and subsequent positive test) to Covid leading to us being home and enduring a fire that ravaged through our garage. The good news is that we are all healthy and accounted for. The bad news, my bike was on my bike stand right next to the epicenter of the fire. I have since ordered a new bike but the lead time to delivery is several weeks. My question for the community is, what can I do between now and “New Bike Day” to keep my legs? I’ve been running almost every day but am curious as to any input on other ways to keep my legs strong to make sure I don’t miss out too much on my cycling form. Thanks in advance.

Join a gym and take spin classes.

Borrow a bike from a friend

See if a LBS has a loaner / rental program

I’m amazed you got a lead time of only a few weeks. Most places can’t find a bike until late 2021 if not 2022 at this point. Congrats!

Sounds brutal, sorry for the bad luck! Another silver lining is you were probably going to be off the bike anyway had your vacation gone through, so you have 1 fewer week to account for. This article might provide some ideas for your unscheduled offseason:

Consider this your off season and do a heavy strength / core / mobility program so that when your bike arrives you are in great shape / worked on any asymmetries

I would be spending more time running and bouldering if it was me. Two activities I do a lot anyway.