Training While Teams Meeting

Full disclosure I’ve tried this before and it hasn’t worked. As soon as I start concentrating on the meeting, my legs stop going round.

But I’m willing to try again. :crazy_face:

I have a little 4 hr endurance ride called Vogelsang to get through. 08:00-12:00. 30min meetings start at 09:00 through to 12:00.

My HR shouldn’t get above 127, and although it will get uncomfortable I dont expect to be exhausted at any point.



Elect to not be on camera :sweat_smile:


Whilst none of these are “deep dives” I will be contributing/decision making.

I did that workout recently. The last 2 hours were the hardest, so I’d worry about contributing in a meaningful way in a meeting. It was mentally taxing given the nonstop work required to finish.


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I’m riding a Kinetic dumb trainer and it is way too loud for me to even try and pull it off, not to mention my orchestra of fans going on while even on an endurance ride. What trainer do you have that is so quiet that you could speak to someone let alone that person hear you clearly?

The only thing that wouldn’t work is if the trainer and fan noise comes through over the mics. If you have to be a constant contributor then it probably isn’t doable. If you’re just an observer then it would definitely work. I’ve done it before and my fan is on a remote so I just switched it off to talk and you have to easy pedal so the freehub sound doesn’t happen as you coast.

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No meeting related advice, but I stream our Zwift races and no noise comes through on my channel despite the fans etc. Nvidia RTX Voice is absolutely amazing! As is Krisp, but that’s a paid service unless you’re using Discord.

Oh I just looked that up. Historically I havent done a ton of zone 2. But wow…yea for me…1 hour at that intensity is work but easy. 2nd hour feels like a workout, hours 3 and 4 take real focus…

I don’t think the trainer is that bad but the fan might be windy. Noise cancellation on earbuds can be pretty good.

Worth testing though. :+1:


Definitely test it. I’m not sure how noise cancellation differs between the mics and the speakers in most ear buds. I know Teams has it’s own noise cancellation feature and it does okay with the dehumidifier running like 8 feet behind me but I couldn’t tell you how good it would be with fans blowing right at your face.

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Is that a meeting where you mostly listen? Or do you have to contribute? If it is the latter, I would find it a bit disrespectful to your co-workers.

If it is the former, I’d just try with a shorter workout first, e. g. 1 hour or even 30 minutes. You definitely don’t want to be the one who annoys others with fan noise, trainer noise and such.


I’m taking by this response that you (or your company) believe that the person speaking should be on camera. In my opinion and experience that’s BS.

I work remote full time since before the pandemic and also worked in an office where almost all of my meetings were online even though many people were in the same (giant, half mile long) building. I am on camera maybe once per quarter. And I’m a decision maker and deal with our largest customers. It’s just unnecessary.

Be the change you want to see.

Exactly, there’s some really great noise canceling out there. But there’s also crappy noise canceling.

The best way to find out if it will be problematic is to do a ride and call yourself and leave a voicemail. Then you can evaluate for yourself whether it’s OK or not

Make sure to eat enough? I end up being a bit hangry toward the end of similar workouts. Which is fine alone in my garage but would be less ideal for a meeting.

Curious how this goes.

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I’m invested in this -

Did you try it yet?
If so, did you have to be on camera?
If you were on camera, did you wear professional attire on top, bibs below?

So many questions!

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I wasnt before, but now I am.

I also want to know about the camera work. What exactly is your role in these meetings?

I’ve done both the workout and online meetings while workout out (not contributing but have been asking questions).

My tip, take a short break off the bike every full hour. Go and pee if you have to. I also stand every 10min for 20 pedalstrokes or so.
Obviously have all nutrition and fluids by the bike.

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Decision dice. :wink:

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