Training question to get ready for SDSR (3 stage race 3/29-3/31)

Hey everyone! I have always received great advice from you guys in the past, so was hoping you could help again.

Some background- I just completed SSBHV I & II. I am about to start phase 2 of General Build High Volume which means I am just finishing up a recovery week and scheduled to test FTP again on Tuesday 3/19. See below next 2 weeks leading into my event, the San Dimas Stage Race.

I’d like to modify the next 2 weeks to put me in the best position possible for the race. After the race I think I’ll restart Phase 2 of the build (but skip the ramp test in favor of a bit of extra Z2 recovery).

For the next 2 week modifications, so far I’ve considered:

  1. Continue with the plan as is, but swap English +4 with Truuli (opener workout)
  2. Inserting 2 weeks of specialty. Maybe week 3 of Climbing Road Race HV, then the taper week from CRRHV.
  3. Really loading up some TSS this week with lots of Sweet Spot and then doing the CRRHV taper week next week.

Anyone have any experience here? Ideas?

My next 2 weeks as scheduled:

The week I thought of inserting next week:

Taper week:

That looks like a good swap. It might be worth subbing Juneau -2 for something like Washington or Sonora (or associated variants).

The SDSR section of GMR is going to be a fully above-threshold effort with no relief and if I were doing it, I’d want a bit more sustained steady state threshold stimulus.

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Steve, yet again, you are the man. I feel like you are my personal coach!

Also, your advice when I traveled a few weeks ago was spot on as well. I was able to knock out the over/under workout when I landed back in LA on Sunday afternoon and continue my training uninterrupted from there.

I can’t thank you enough for your insightful responses.


OK, here’s what I came up with.

New questions:

  1. Should I skip the ramp test in favor of a better workout? I think I have a pretty good idea of my FTP right now but I also think I might surprise myself if I test…maybe something like Black Hawk +4 would make sense?

  2. I removed Roan High +4 to make room for the ramp test and get that Washington +6 on the schedule. Now I am wondering I should replace Gould +1 in favor of Roan High +4?

This is an important point, though one thing to consider is that @mikestarr said he just came off SSBHV I & II. There is a decent amount of steady state threshold stuff in there, no?

I am also doing SDSR and went through this a few weeks back after finishing SSBMV II. I decided to go ahead with the mid volume general build plan (a caveat is that I almost always add more time on the weekends since I have the time and, generally, the energy/motivation). In the last couple of weeks, however, I’ve dedicated a vO2 workout to my goal GMR TT power. Last year I averaged 388 W for the ~16 minute effort, so I’m hoping for 400 this year. I did 3 x 5 minutes at goal power last week. Ideally I would get 2 x 8 this week and then a 10 or 11 minute effort next week. During the week, I am trying to get in one anaerobic set where I’m doing shorter intervals (1 minute or less) at around 420 W or higher in hopes that it will help make 400 “easier.”

You only have a couple more weeks, of course, but I would definitely take a look at your past performances, come up with a goal power number for GMR, and consider doing some sustained work around that number to get a feel whether it’s too high or too low.

(For reference, I tested FTP with the Ramp test a couple weeks back at 336 W, which puts 400 W at 119%.)


I should have clarified that I meant “steady state supra-threshold” i.e. why I suggested Washington.

I fully agree with this suggestion.

I’d skip the ramp. You don’t get much out of having a new FTP going right into a short build/taper/event.

Black Hawk on that schedule is going to be too aggressive I think. Especially if you are going to race CBR on the 24th. I’d actually shift the whole schedule a day up to give yourself a easy on Friday.

I’d keep Gould. You have SSB1/2 behind you and you are probably fine on SS. Roan is classified as a threshold workout but its mostly 85-90-95, not 96-100.

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@mikestarr I am actually trying to do the same thing as you. I’m halfway through general build mid volume, just finishing up my recovery week. Coming into the Redlands crit feeling pretty fresh!

The TT will be my downfall…last year I won the road race and crit, but fell short of the GC podium by a few steps! So my plan is to hit the TT climb either Monday or Tuesday, in place of my ramp test, and do it once more over the weekend. Then apply part of you plan to mine, because it looks great!

Any other recommendations would be welcomed :pray: