Training Plans - Specificity for event vs. maximizing FTP?

Using AT and plan builder I have a gravel event in April. Based on the course my plan is to shoot for tempo, with some anaerobic on short steep hills. ~5 hour ride. I am on a LV plan, but adding a Sunday tempo/endurance ride (2 hours if indoors, 3-4 if outdoors). Finishing general build now that is 1 VO2, 1 Anaerobic, 1 Threshold. Seems to be ok with the extra endurance/tempo rides. But when I move to Specialty shortly (Plan Builder picked Rolling Road Race). It is 2 VO2, 1 Anaerobic for 2 months. What should I expect from that?

And more broadly, what is the view on training the zones you intend to use in an event vs. a focus on what I presume is FTP gains?

In the fall I plan on some fondos that will have 20-60 minute timed segments. I may then try to do those with Endurance and SS/Threshold. Curious how I should set my training plans.