Training Plans Categories Missing VRacing - What type of plan for a 1h Puchy VRace?

Want to start a plan to improve my punchy ability for the regular thursday night virtual race usualy on a loop with a single lap or a couple of laps and some short but hard climbs. Usualy around 50 minutes to 1h total time, sometimes a bit more.
Theres no section in the type of event for virtual racing. I guess the type of races we have on thurdays is more type of XCM or XCO than road racing but would appreciate some input.


I’d ignore the actual “labels” of the Specialty plans and look closely at the workouts in the first 4-6 weeks and see if anything lines up reasonably close to your past efforts. Could be road makes sense, or the dirt side you mention

I would think you might find some similarity in the Crit plan if you have done very short and sharp surges. Or maybe Climbing Road Race with it’s steady effort and kicks. Rolling Road Race may be appropriate.

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Usually races have 45 minutes to a bit over one hour and from just 200m climbing up to 500m that in such a short race its already significant. Lots of surges and attacks on the beggining of each small climb. Im more a type of steady climber so I have some dificulty keeping up with stronger punchy riders. Ill have a look (from what I understand from your answer) at the speciality phase on those plans you mention.

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