Training plan—What discipline should I choose?

New member setting up training plan. I’m not sure which discipline I should choose. I’m from Midwest and most of my riding consists of XC MTB (I dont race) and enjoy long gravel rides typically 35-70mi with a few 100+ Mi mixed in. I travel a lot throughout summer riding MTB bike parks and an occasional enduro race. I’m looking for long distance fitness for the gravel bike, dont want to get dropped in the woods, and be physically fit for downhill at the parks. Unclear where my focus should be. I’m leaning towards XC Marathon.

Also, can I add strength training to my calendar? Are there any TR programs?



I recommend Sweet Spot Base, General Build then XC Marathon. Use plan builder and chose a date/event when you want to Peak if you don’t have a specific race.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m still navigating through the different training options. I was answering the questions in plan builder when it asked what specialty I’m most interested in (which is hard to pick just one). I will give your suggestions a try. Regards!

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