Training plan questions

I’ve recently joined TR and I am following an established plan, trouble is, I forgot which one I chose and the only reference to the plan that I can find is the name I gave it.

It’s three sessions per week and in week two they were called Jordan, Carson -3 and Izaak Walton -2. Can anyone tell by that which plan I am on?

What do the numbers after the name of a session mean?

Also, some of my post workout results show two numbers, such as KJ(Cal) 471/459 what’s the significance of these numbers?

Thank you.

Scroll back in your web calendar to the start of the plan then double click on the plan name and it’ll tell you what plan you are on in the speciality. eg 40k TT Low Volume IMC


Hey there!

I checked out your account and it looks like you’re on the Gran Fondo/Century Low Volume plan.

If you go to your TR Career page, you’ll be able to see what plan you’re currently on:

Sounds like the numbers you’re referring to are probably Workout Levels and/or Progression Levels – you can learn more about those in the following articles:

The example of “KJ(Cal) 471/459” would be that your workout was predicted to burn 459 KJ of energy, but you actually burned 471 KJ. The following articles could be helpful in understanding other training acronyms you’ll come across:

I think that should be a good starting point for you – feel free to let me or TR Support know if you have any other questions!


Yes that sounds familiar. Thanks for your reply.

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Thank you.