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I just finished base 1 on my master program. Beginner and low volume. I had an A race set for mid September. The local short track schedule just came out yesterday and I wanted to add 3-4 of those as C races but I couldn’t figure out how.
So I deleted the plan and added those in with my A race. When I was going through the process of creating a plan I kept it as masters but I changed the level to the " I have done some interval work " and still left things at low volume due to work and such.
The only thing that I really noticed that changed was that the day before the c races that it would be a short workout.
In the base workouts schedule that I just finished I did not feel like that I was working very hard. I had problems getting my HR out of zone 2. It seemed 50/50 zone 1 and 2.
I hope that I didn’t screw up. I realize that I am starting over per sey Just wondering if anyone else has been down this road. I am new to this. Cycling training that is. I am in pretty good shape for a 65 year old so it is not like I don’t have any fitness.

  • You can leave an existing plan in place and add events as desired:


  • If the events fall within your existing plan (before the recovery week after your A-event or selected end date), TR AT will prompt you to “Rebuild Plan” each time you finish adding an event. I recommend skipping that until you finish adding all the events (assuming you do more than one) because there isn’t a point rebuilding until you are all done with new entries.

  • Make sure you are completing the workout surveys honestly and AT should be working to bump up pending workouts (particularly if you are giving ratings like Easy to things like SS, Thesh & harder training zone workouts) in the current phase to keep your progression on track.

Chad , thank you very much for the help. I have it done now.
As far as truthful assessment of the workouts, I did do that for sure.

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If you ever feel that Adaptive Training is not bumping up the progression of pending workouts enough, you can also manually kick start the process by using Alternates to choose a harder workout that you think is more a match to your current abilities.

Alternates are also good for those days you have more or less time, or you even want to do something easier than scheduled for any reason. It’s a great tool that can supplement and tweak a plan to best match your needs.

Chad , I did use the alternate for my next week. For some reason after I back dated my start date. It has me doing a recovery week again after 1 threshold workout

I suggest emailing so they can take a closer look.

Hey there, @jeff_byars,

It sounds like you might need to backdate your plan by one more week. This would have you starting the Build phase this week.

Let me know if that’s what you’re looking to achieve.

I’m sure we can get things in a good place for you! :blush:

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Thank you

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