Training plan for very out of shape rider that just wants to get faster and burn calories

Does TR have a training plan that is geared towards the very out of shape rider that wants to burn calories and get stronger on the bike? Not looking to train for a specific race or event, just want to lose weight and get into good riding shape.

I’d chuck General Base Low Volume I ( General Base - Low Volume I - TrainerRoad into your calendar, and get started on that. You can add more volume if you like, or just enjoy the workouts as they are served up to you!

If you’re looking to burn more calories, AND if you are feeling good at the end of your workouts, you could add 20 or 30 minutes of zone 2 to the end. Or, you could do a ‘hard’ workout in the morning, and then a really easy, short one, in the afternoon. 2-a-day workouts are fine, if you can recover enough for them, and because you continue to burn more energy AFTER a workout, you get that post-workout burn twice!

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Assuming you don’t have any health issues (check w dr first?), you don’t need to be in shape to start any of the plans. They adjust based on your level of fitness. If you don’t enjoy the structure of “training “, you can certainly get a lot of benefits out of just jumping on your bike and riding around as much as you want. A lot of folks do really well following a plan though, it can be helpful and motivational to have specific workouts scheduled and it’s nice to see the progress over time. I’d suggest just going into plan builder and answering the questions and try following the plan it generates. It’s really designed to work well for folks who need a little direction.

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If you find out let most of us know

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No matter your fitness level, TR will adapt to it. Just use plan builder and let it make a plan, chose a specialty you would like otherwise just do the default rolling road race. Select low volume though for your first plan


Speak for yourself, bub

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If you are cycling, replacing a period of non activity during the day, any basic plan will work.


Loving the advice from other athletes in the thread already. We like to say “you don’t have to train to prepare for training” here – or as @ArHu74 said, no matter your current fitness level, TR will adapt to it and get you the right workouts to make you faster (and burn plenty of calories :wink: ).

You can use Plan Builder to lay out a training plan – no races/events required! You can also check out our training plans on their own and add them to your TR Calendar as you see fit.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions!