Training plan as a to do list

If I do a 8weeks plan over let’s say 10 wks (because of work, travel, injury, life, …) do I get the same FTP benefits but just 2 weeks later??

Anybody else doing workouts as a to do list?

If I miss one or bail on one, I want to go back and cross it off the list.
I also use it as a motivation in middle of tough ones (Elephants+4 or Bashful anyone? ) telling myself if I quit midway, I will have to redo it from beginning so I might as well stick to it so i don’t have to redo the whole thing.

I see it more like picking apricots - if I don’t get them the birds will. Sure, I might want to rearrange your schedule if I miss key workout by days. If you do that on a regular basis though, consider following the LV plan and adding Z2 when you can.

Sounds like a bit like FOMO. Which, you know, is valid… If you want to do a workout for the sake of it, you might as well be riding outside (or on Zwift).

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Nope. Human body doesn’t work like that, it’s not a bank where you deposit TSS and become FTP rich.

Over 8 weeks your body would adapt to that (higher) load, over 10 weeks, it’s a lesser weekly load.

The real question though, is how you get the optimal adaptations for the training you can reasonably fit in - that may well be a lower volume plan.