Training Plan Advice / Improving FTP

2 weeks ago I started the Full Distance Triathlon Base, I have been doing triathlon for 6 years, for the past year I had a coach with the objective of Kona qualification which didn’t happen.

I need to improve the bike, the area is power and consistency, current FTP is 227 and 2.77 FTP/Kg

My A race for 2020 Qualification is either going to be Lanza of Switzerland

My questions are;
Am I on the right training plan for improving FTP
Is there anything else I could/should be doing to improve FTP on the bike during this phase

Thanks in Advance

The IM plan of course looks to improve you across all 3 disciplines. While you should see some gains in FTP, they will be limited by the time and training stress you have to put into the run and swim as well.

Targeting Lanza means starting the Base Build Specialty plan this week. Targeting Switzerland gives you a few weeks to focus on the bike before starting the BBS cycle, and might allow you to improve your FTP going in to the IM plan.

Given your training background, Sweet Spot Base II or even Sustained Power Build might be worth looking at to boost FTP for a “pre-season” block of training. Pick the low volume versions, and sprinkle in a couple of lighter runs and swims each week just for maintenance.

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