Training Mon, Fri and Sat and the spare days


I have just used Plan Builder to set my training between now and the my first Grand Fondo of the year. I work away quite often, but tend to be home on Monday’s and Friday’s and go out on the bike on a Saturday. Most weeks I would be able to add a workout or two in the hotel gym.

I could have Plan Builder add those days by telling it I can train, on the other hand I don’t want to feel I missed a workout. What workouts could I add for the extra days. This week I added Slide Mountain -1 and Steamboat. As Friday and Saturday will be back to back I thought something lighter in the week.

Shall I just let Plan Builder sort it out and miss some workouts or add when I can?

Best wishes


Better to have a plan that you can complete 100% and then add to it. Adding zone 2 work when you have time is generally a fairly safe way of increasing volume and base without impacting the higher intensity workouts too much.