Training frequency & skipping workouts

Hi all,
I’m brand new to Trainerroad, although I’ve been cycling for some time, have been using zwift for a couple of years. I was listening to the podcast, specifically speaking about skipping workouts and consistency etc.

I’m about to start a training program on trainerroad, and was struggling to decide the low Vs mid volume. I ride around 4 times per week, during the winter these are 3 inside, and 1 either inside or outside, depending on time, and weather etc.
The low volume program is 3 workouts per week, and mid is 5. I didn’t know if it would be better to go for the low volume and supliment with an outside ride, or extra workout on TR that is not part of the plan, or go for the mid volume, and knowingly skip workouts.

I have chosen the mid volume for now, thinking that it may help me keep disciplined/ motivated, but don’t know what you would reccomend for the best results.


Pick low volume, realize that you’ll find it hard with the intensity they pack in there, and add another workout at Z2.
Consistently is king with endurance sports.


Thanks, I was wondering that after listening to the podcast. Worried I’ll miss a ‘key’ workout. Can I start a new training program and skip the ramp test/ workout (given I’ve just done it).

You can change the volume on the fly. Klick the annotation in the calanderar at the start of the block

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