Training for XCC with heat races and finals (duration < 5min)

Hello. I race XCO with no licence, race duration is around 1h.

My biggest weakness is starts and the first few minutes. Even if I start in the first or second row everybody will overtake me in the first 15-45 seconds and then I can just follow in the slipstream. Additionally my first lap is also a little slower then the leaders. Afterwards my speed is quite the same as the leaders and I will get back to around 5th place (from 30th after the start).

Now the organizers presented a final race in 8 weeks time to finish our season. But this race will be completely different. It will be multiple short races (shorter as 5 minutes) from qualification heats to semi finals and finals.

So this falls completely in my biggest weakness. With plan builder I created a new plan which looks as follows:
3 weeks SSB - MV II
4 weeks Short Power Build MV
1 week Short Track CC MV with the race on Sunday

With this plan I would train exactly like before, so I am sure this will not transfer to better starts and short power.

My idea to change the plan:
3 weeks SSB - MV II

  • add leg strength on two Sweet Spot days and shorten the Sweet Spot workouts

4 weeks Short Power Build MV

  • add leg strength on one Sweet Spot day and shorten the Sweet Spot workout
  • the main workouts are Anaerobic (Bashful), Over-Unders (Mitchell) and Racewinners (Lion Rock). I think to shorten them, but make each effort harder.

What are your suggestions for me?