Training Consistency - What volume plans people stick to without fail?

I am curious if Trainerroad has done any analysis on this. I remember @Nate mentioning on a podcast that people are not sticking to their plan when the weather improves, which makes them slower. I wonder if Trainerroad has found out what volume plans people stick to without fail?

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I’m the contrarian example: from SSBHV kept 2 hardest workouts per week and substituted rest with LSD with comparable TSS during spring/summer. Reached bigger gains compared to original SSBHV I did over winter.


From personal experience, I find it hard to stick with the Low Vol Plan, even though I’ve seen the biggest gains using the Low Vol Plans. Why?

There is so much room for adaptation. Add in a Sweetspot workout here, an hour thirty endurance spin there and you’re well on your way to Mid Vol. It’s the temptation to do more. That temptation is I guess what either leads us to take a crack at a proper Mid Vol Plan or derails our training because too much gets done.

I’m going to guess that the Mid Vol Plans see the highest completion rates.

My bet is on low volume as it only has 3 workouts per week. At least for me, following a high volume plan = decreased motivation. I personally find it easier to balance low volume training with the local Wednesday nights, and weekend group ride.