Training and racing after bariatric surgery?

My doctor has suggested bariatric surgery (something like a sleeve gastrectomy) as a potentially good way to address several concerns with my health. I’m comfortable evaluating the physical/medical pros/cons/risks of this procedure, but I have no idea how it would affect my training.

Note: all my sports are purely recreational, but I love working hard and pushing myself, so I consider myself a “serious” athlete even if my performance is not above average.

For those who’ve had a procedure like this, can you comment on how it affected your ability to train and your overall participation in sport? Are you able to train as hard, or harder? Or do you need to cut back?

How do you ensure you’re getting sufficient fuel for something like a gran fondo, a marathon, or a half-Ironman without working against the restrictive nature of the surgery that’s trying to help you lose weight? What do you need to change? Are there any new limits on what you can do? Or, what do you need to do differently?

Heck, what questions should I be asking that I haven’t even thought of?

Any comments related to training and racing after this kind of surgery would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

Ive not had that specific procedure but I had a long section of my colon (bowel) removed whilst things were recovering I eased off training but when I got the all clear from the doc I started ramping it up again and there’s no real difference in my training.

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Thanks for the input! Glad things worked out well for you!