Training advice for a "double" season

Hi folks. Might be a weird question but here we go. I started cycling and training about 12 months ago when I lived in the UK. I did the full base and build blocks through the winter and into spring, (nov-april) with the goal to move back to Australia and race cross (and keep up with friends on group rides). So I moved back to Australia in May and raced the cross season here.
Coz the seasons are backwards thats meant that we’ve entered the summer season here and I’m doing a fair few crits and road races (8 this month).
My question is, what should my training look like? I’ve been on this pretty heavy mix of 3 week on one week off (and more recently 2 weeks on one week off) and I can’t imagine sustaining it through the entire season. Should I just kinda wing it until the end of the season based on fatigue etc and then start base again in the cooler months? Or is there a smarter way to do things.