Trainerroad with Wahoo Roam

Hi All, Newbie to Trainerroad and have a question about doing a workout on the Wahoo Roam - outdoors.

Currently, I do my TR sessions indoors on a Kickr but when I ride outdoors, I usually have about 15 minutes or so of city riding before I get out to the countryside. Because of all the traffic lights and crossings, then would it be best to start the workout once I am out of the city? But I still want to log the start of my ride.

And if I load a 2-hour workout to the Roam, but I will be on a 100km ride, when the workout is over but I still have some km’s to go before the ride is completed, then will the Roam just keep recording?

Thanks for any help.

The Roam lets you start and finish a workout in the middle of a ride, and the whole ride gets recorded. You can pause the workout if needed too, and the ride will keep recording.