TrainerRoad users' bikes

The bike I bought used with the paint, while the stem was painted by my friend who does body work and paint on cars professionally.

Long live the CAAD10


New (2020) Scott Metrix for my wife. We ordered it one year ago and forgot about it until the shop called yesterday! We are both stoked…


I recently pulled this 2007 Tricross out of the shed, put some wider tires on it, and have been enjoying the heck out of it.


On-One Whippet, 29er rigid MTB

Have wanted an MTB for ages, but struggled to find anything in stock at a reasonable price. Got this using cycle to work scheme ( :wink: ) and it had the benefit of actually being in stock.

I replaced the stock tyres with Ardent Race, I’d like to replace the wheels with something a bit lighter, and get a dropper but mainly a front fork - it is a bit hard work on rocky descents. Fast bike though. Looking at doing some endurance races on it.


Newest addition, my first rim brake bike…

Bought it for cheap recently from the original owner who rode it twice.

Sold the groupset and speedplays that were on it for more than I paid for the bike.

Bought new R8000 components for it, save for a R7000 crankset I had already.

Just need to get a Thomson 0 setback seatpost for it, and eventually figure out some new wheels.

Bikes are fun :blush:


what stem is that?

I got this Specialized Roubaix Expert about a month ago and it’s sooooo comfortable for long rides!! Last weekend I did 192 miles over 2 days and it didn’t miss a beat. I was going back and forth between this and an SL7…I think I could have been happy with either, but the Roubaix felt “right” from the first minute of the test ride.


It’s a custom painted 130mm FSA K-Force stem.


Usually on 44mm wheels but these 77mm fitted for yesterdays local 10 TT.


This is basically perfect

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The new Emonda looks simply awesome. I was always a Madone fan before, but I think if I was buying one now it would be the Emonda. Considerably lighter, while the aero losses are likely marginal. Also think it looks better, slimmer, less bulky, and likely rides much better as well.

I’m still on a 2016 Emonda SL but would snag a new SLR if I had the cash for sure


It really is a fantastic bike, light enough with the normal FFWD RYOT44 wheels to climb well and feel snappy, but with deeper wheels, it’s a seriously fast bike in a straight line and feels highly efficient. It can also happily take 32mm tyres so works great for rougher roads.

For context, this is the cheaper SL frameset and with the usual wheels weighs 7.4kg all in.


Absolutely fire. I love the Emonda on deep dish wheels.


Well done. That just looks fast.

Used to have a Dogma F10 on Zipp 303 NSW’s but turned that into a unicycle late last year after a 30mph crash :cry:

But every cloud has a silver lining and now riding a F12 XLight on Enve 5.6 wheels :smiley:


Phew, when it opened on my screen I only saw the first image initially :open_mouth: :joy:


With the current market you could probably sell it even in this state near the value of the new bike :wink:


30mph crash? Great to see you didn’t snap in half.


Thought you guys might like this one. My hillclimb rig.

Shown in 2x10 normal day configuration with RED rear mech and a Campy compact front derailleur. 48/36 Praxis rings. Can quickly convert to 1x10 with a 34t carbon fibre front ring and XX rear mech and mountain rear cassette for mountain racing.

Other fun parts: Campy post, Schmolke stupid light bars, EE brakes, Speedplay Ti pedals, SiSL SRM spider, Ti King cages. Spare wheels are Zipp 202 sew-ups.