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Yes. I don’t have the picture but they actually looked different color on the lower half than the upper half, as if they were treated differently or something.

Hopefully I won’t have a similar experience. I’m planning to focus on XC this time and I expect the BMC to be higher quality than the Diamondback. Still, a well placed dent could ruin it, I guess.
I was considering the bottom end carbon model but the seatpost and bb put me off. Decided to save the extra money, get this color and upgrade whatever I want downt the road. I did the same with the DB and found it oddly enjoyable you know? Getting to spend hours on the internet looking at parts and planning your next purchase, even though it’s more expensive.

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My N-1 bike turned 3 years old this month.

I had previously been running Ultegra Di2 but decided switch to a 1x setup with a mix of Force (crankset, cassette) and Rival (shifters, brakes, RD) this season. I’ve enjoyed the simplicity and look of no FD. As pictured in the road kit it weighs 18 lbs on the dot (size 58cm/XL)


Great looking bike!

I just rode the Fernan Saddle climb on Saturday

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New bike day yesterday, it’s an amazing machine


Well… I’m planning on selling both those bikes come Spring… I want to buy a nice trail bike and need to fund it :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve been fixing up my first road bike, a 2011 Allez Triple:

I used it for a gravel grinder back in June and remembered just how fun it is to ride!

And, I do have eventual plans to do big self supported days.


I have that 2010ish allez, I put new wheels and an ultegra 6800 groupo on it years back. It lives on my trainer now.

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Well, during an 8 week training period for a race on Sunday 30th, I had the epiphany that I just don’t enjoy MTB enough, because I focus so hard on Training I’ve taken the enjoyment out of it. So, I sold my hardtail “backup” bike, and my gravel bike and bought this:


Its an Occam LT with some slightly left field characteristics of a steep seat tube and suspension kimatics which means it rides - at 150mm - like a long travel trail bike. Its taught but very comfortable uphill, but opens up in compressions and downhill. It id 14.5kg but for me this is Sunday morning ride to the top of the trails for views tea or pub bike - it is not for race training. So far I’ve enjoyed several slow socially paced rides on it - much fun! And Jeff Kendall-Weed loves it so it must be good :smiley:

I think its the perfect foil to my race bike, it has no race pretensions at all and there’s no way I’m going to buy lighter components for it… honest…


Have taken the plunge and got a Scalpel SE 2, always loved MTBing but the dangers and my roadie level skills put me off committing. Some encouragement from friends and a focus on more XC style riding than downhill gave me the confidence to give it a proper go. Love it, and looking forward to my ride skillz glow-up!


my old steed. Cube bike


Joining you in the Occam club shortly, my H30 just arrived boxed at our house. Never had a full suspension bike before and I’m coming from a 12 year old Boardman hardtail with 3 x 9 gears :sweat_smile: It’ll be my only mountain bike and really forward to getting it set up and running. Seems to review really well, although the LT version like yours has been getting more press coverage. Hoping alongside the 2020 Orbea Terra gravel bike and 2022 Winspace T1500 road bike I’ve got all bases covered as if I suggest buying another bike my wife will kill me.

Interestingly, my wife just got a Siskiu T8 27.5 and that is a seriously nice piece of kit. To be honest, if there had been one in stock in large 29er I’d have considered buying one of those. GoOutdoors totally stuffed up the order so she ended up getting it at a 20% discount which made it an absolute steal at £1,520. I’ll stick a photo of both up once the Occam is built.


New bike day…… again!
Just picked up my replacement bike :smiley::smile::grin:!

Trek Checkpoint SLR 9


Got it and love it! Can’t believe how different it feels to my knackered old hard tail, bike doing a lot of covering up for my lack of skill :sweat_smile:


That looks awesome, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. What rear mudguard is that?

RRP ProGuard, goes on with zip ties, you should be able to get it for around £25. Just be aware for the front one the Marzocchi fork that came with my bike is one of the only forks that won’t accept the bolt on one which is a shame, so it’s zip ties for that too.

Depending on how muddy a winter it ends up I’ll consider one of the Mudhugger rear guards, they’re ugly as sin but coming home clarted and cold with a soaked chamois after every ride isn’t too appealing…



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Yes indeed.
From Serra da Arrábida, Setúbal, Portugal.

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Here is my most favorite ride 2019 BMC TMR01 56cm, Sram eTap AXS 12spd, Zipp 454, Quarc PM, Shim Dura Ace pedals. 35,437mi as of 12/3/22. Love the ride of this bike.