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Latest addition to the stable, a 3T Strada. Really sold on the 1x setup.


What gearing are you running?

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Currently 44 / 11-36, but I’m going to experiment with putting a 40 on the front, when I get round to fitting it!

2014 Trek Fuel EX 9
Since the picture, I have gone to a 1x drivetrain and new dropper that allows it to be actually slammed down to the seat tube. So far, so good there. It’s hard to believe I’ve had it for 8.5 years, but I guess I don’t have any big complaints, so I’m thankful for it!

2009 Motobecane Grand Record
Picture was from 2018 New Year Day No Matter What Ride :cold_face:
It is currently on the trainer. I’m trying, unsuccessfully so far, to talk myself into a new, more gravelish bike (Domane/Diverge-esque) and just leave this one on the trainer.


How do you like the Empire? I’ve been looking into either that model vs. the pro race, as I am interested in being able to customize crank length and bars (as opposed to making all those changes after purchase). Did you get anything customized that would not have been standard if you purchase from one of the big name brands?

The Empire is awesome. Now, my previous bike was a 2010 Motobecane that was a size too big, but I had test ridden a Trek Emonda and I much prefer the Empire.

I ordered the Empire Elite Rival AXS. However, they did not have the color I wanted and decided to pay for the SL frame in lava red. It did take a bit to convince them, as I suspect it messes a little with their inventory system since the SL bikes (lava red and raw carbon) are only for the upper models.

If you already have deep section thru axle wheels then get the SL Pro. My previous bike was rim brake so the Elite Rival AXS got me both electronic shifting and carbon wheels.

Other than specifically requesting narrower bars than my shoulder width would dictate (40 vs 42), I did not do any customization through Fezzari. I did replace the saddle as soon as I got it but that’s it. The handlebars are good enough but not my favorite - I prefer an ergo bar with a longer horizontal section in the drops (eg Zipp SL 70 Aero or Ergo).

The bike fit from their 23-point measurements was very good. I verified it using MyVeloFit since I swapped the saddle and forgot to record the original saddle position.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I am super pleased with the bike, their service, and the company as a whole. @Buckethead also got an Empire recently - maybe he can add his perspective, too?


@cnigro I don’t have much to add about Fezzari behind what @rkoswald has said. Best bike buying process ever. And I could not be happier with my Empire.

Give them a call though and ask about the modifications you’d want to make. The folks I talked to throughout the process were awesome. I had questions about components swaps and they were open to it if they had inventory. I’m the end I went 100% stock. Bike came set up very well and the fitter I used was impressed with how it was dialed in.


It’s a shame the Shafers are back ordered 50+ weeks, otherwise I might be getting another bike. I think my wife is happy about that delay, though. :face_with_monocle:


@Buckethead thank you very much for the insightful posts! Guess the only thing left for me to do is click purchase on the build that is currently in my cart!

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I love my CAAD10, but bad boy suits my current riding style phenomenally.


Here’s my SystemSix. It is rapid, comfy and handles incredibly well. Oh and it’s gorgeous!

And here is my Emonda, which is super light and an all round lovely thing.


Will be parting ways with my Boone soon. It’s been a great bike but I’m downsizing my stable (blasphemy I know) and selling the Boone and Checkpoint and picking up a Crux. Didn’t ride it that much but always loved the look of it. It will be missed.


@CaptainThunderpants I have kind of thinking Crux as well lately with 2 wheel sets. Would sell my Tarmac SL6 and also my relatively new Epic Evo (6 months old). I enjoy mtb for my first ever but part of me is on the fence if I will keep it as road biking is just more enjoyable.

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I was considering that as well but I think I like road riding too much to sell my Tarmac. So the plan is Tarmac for road (80% of my riding) and Crux for CX races and gravel. It’s mainly a gearing issue as I don’t think I could get a decent range for all the types of riding.

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That makes sense and can you explain a little more on what you would be missing with just having a crux vs tarmac,

I can technically use the epic evo for gravel as it is fast. Giving it a little more time as I am giving it a good shot as it is a very nice bike and pairs well with my tarmac.

I have a Venge and 2020 Crux… I really enjoy riding Crux on the road with road wheels. Yes, the Venge is faster, but almost everything else is on the Crux side.

It’s mostly about gearing. I like 1x for CX, but there’s no way I could do 1x on my road bike with the elevation we have. And I prefer 2x, but lower gearing, for gravel. So I’d be in a spot where I’d have to pick a gearing that would either do all 3 okay but not well, or since I ride road the most, use road gearing and suffer elsewhere. Yea, I know SRAM has the mullet setup and you can throw a huge 50t cassette on, but the jumps are too big for my liking.

The geometries are a little different as well. I have long and low for my road bike with a more upright, shorter position for the Boone. And the Checkpoint is really setup for relaxed riding. I don’t think I could get one bike fit that would fit all 3, either giving up a fast position on the road bike or sacrificing comfort for gravel.

Apart from that, I just enjoy riding the Tarmac more on the road. In the past I sold my Tarmac SL6 and rode the Boone on the road for a bit and it was okay. But I missed the SL6. It just felt more lively on the road than the Boone. The Crux could be different and I know people like riding it on the road, but I’ve read just as many people say the opposite. I have the Tarmac already, why give it up if I like it the most?

So for me, I’d rather have 2 bikes fully setup and ready to go, and I can choose what I feel like riding. Rather than have to swap wheels and be limited by gearing. Also, if one bike needs some work, I have a backup to ride. Or keep on the trainer during the winter.

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Love the System Six above - really fancy one of those but road riding on the actual road is minimal for me so couldn’t justify it - my caad 12 disc spends most of its time on the Kickr or commuting to the office with occasional local hill blitzes for fitness.

My bikes - Caad 12 105 disc - Hunt wheel upgrade and Ultegra Di2 / Transition Sentinel with a custom build / Marino with custom geometry and build kit and sparkly metal flake paint :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::


I love the ratio of training:raging!

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