TrainerRoad Thesaurus

I think we need a TR thesaurus. I was trying to think of a word yesterday for the feeling you get when you are on your last recovery before your final set. It’s not relief as you have another set of pain coming, buy you can see the end of the tunnel, ‘prelief’ is a possible option’.

There are many other situations where the dictionary is lacking words for TR situations, such as…

‘The feeling of dread in the first 30 seconds of an interval when there are lots of other blue elevations following’

‘The feeling of inner peace (does not happen very often) when your legs feel detached from your body and it feels like Superman is pedaling for you’.

‘A word for when you cry yourself to sleep because you have Leconte the following day’

There are many other TR situations/feelings that need new words to describe the turmoil/tranquility that can descend upon you. Please add your words to the TrainerRoad Thesaurus.