TrainerRoad Team on Zwift

Sign up to the Zwift Power website, request to join the team. Also join the discord which is where most of the organising happens.

Thanks, on Discord, and team request sent via Zwift Power, same user name as TR.

Gotcha on ZwiftPower. Welcome to the team!

TR user name : cube1984

Zwift username: Kristof de block(TR)9874

You’re in!

Noticed another TR member in last night’s race (Cycling Canada Wednesday nights), great job! There are some absolute monsters in that field. Top Canadian, Canadian Zwift champion, high-ranking racers from USA, Japan, Australia … amazing!

TR user name : jzhowie

Zwift username: Joe Howie

you’re in. welcome!


Thank you! I noticed from ZwiftPower you were racing too, great job as well! That was a tough race; I was flat out the entire time and dropped back from the main field on lap 7 out of 8. I saw afterwards from ZP that half the field in front of me was averaging 5w/kg! The cool thing was that I set a new 20min power PR for the season at 4.4w/kg. Seems like the training is paying off :slight_smile:.


Click through a few of the top 10-20 names, and it’ll make you feel a LOT better about surviving for more than 5 minutes. I was flat out the entire time too, registered a new 19 minute PR, and had absolutely no sprint left in me (I think I wound it up to 350W for a second at the end :stuck_out_tongue:). The cobble kicker followed shortly with the descents is what sapped my legs by the end. Once I could actually breathe, it was a fun race!


TR username:southpaw2five

Zwift username: Alex Johnson

Gotcha. Welcome to the team!

Two spots open in ZRL B team tomorrow 7.45pm UK time if anyone free to join

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I did my first Z group ride/race in a while, with the Americas Hump Day Ride and snagged the After Party sprint win with a nice kick out of a group and past two riders just a bit off the front :smiley:


TR Username: Motard

Zwift Username: Bret Marshall

Gotcha. You’re in.

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