TrainerRoad Studio Wooden Wall

A friend of mine recently setup nursery room with a wooden accent wall and thought it turned out fantastic… Though it’s not exactly like the wall in the TR offices this got me thinking maybe the wooden wall would look pretty cool in my home office which also doubles as my pain cave.

He used pallet boards but I really like the look of the wood panels used in the TR podcast room. Has anyone tried replicating the wall? If so, did you use panels or build yourself?

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Yup, helped a friend do this to a wall in his garage.

We started by thinking we would need to scavenge around to find used pallets, which was tougher than anticipated. Then we found a pallet recycler that had used pallets but when we told them what we were doing, they revealed they also had broken down pallets.

Once we had the loose pallet boards, we just started putting them on the wall like a puzzle. Glued them first, then came back with a nail gun and tacked them in place.

Relatively easy project but time consuming. Finished product looked sweet!

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Thank goodness, I thought Wooden Wall was the name of another heart busting workout I would have to try.


It is now…


The wood in the TR studio looks like I product I used on a project several years ago, I can’t remember the name of the top of my head and will need to go back and read the the project specs and submittals for the product info. I do remember that it was a VERY expensive product.

I would guess the TR studio wall is a commercial product. Search “3D wood wall” or “wood wall paneling” and you get some hits.

If you’re going DIY, at the very least you’ll need a table saw to rip the boards to the same width. Realistically, more like a tablesaw, jointer, and planer. Might as well add a shaper to tongue & groove the planks while you’re at it. And a good random orbit sander.

I’d avoid pallet wood. Lots of hidden nails and staples in those things.

This was one of the first hits on google. From Home Depot. Comes to about $370 for 10 2sqft pieces.

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Yeah it’s definitely not diy. Some sort of tile product