TrainerRoad Referral Code / Trial Requests & Sharing

My Sufferfest subscription expired and I want to try TrainerRoad. Can someone please send me a trial code? Much appreciated.

Thanks a lot Dave,
I received another code, so you can share these again!
Best regards


I am new to TR and coming from Zwift I would like to start with a free trial first before paying a subscription.
Can anyone hook me up with a referral code? Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Anyone got a code, I would like to try TR please!

Thanks a lot!
Another person shared another code, so you can propose it to someone else. But thanks a lot for your sharing!

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take mine, posted above!

EDITH: looks like it is redeemed!

I’d appreciate a code if anyone has one available

Yeah they don’t stay available for long


Hi ,
Can I get promo code as well please?

Shit, already taken again. Anyone can send me one in a private message or something?

Sorry none left

A couple Referrals. Just let me know when used so I can mark it as such

  1. (Gone)

  2. (gone)

Took the first one. Thanks!

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I grabbed th
e 2nd one. Thanks!

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Looking to try it out. Does someone have a spare code burning a hole in their pocket that I can use? I need to burn some kJ’s. You can mail me at

Long time user of Zwift and Sufferfest looking to test out trainer road. Thanks!