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gareth morgan

gareth morgan

I have one referral code available. Let me know and I’ll send it your way.

Hi all!

David here, I’m one of the Product Managers here at TR. I wanted to let you guys know that we pushed a pretty significant change to our referral system on the website. This should make it much easier to send referrals!

Instead of having to enter a full name and email address to send a referral, we changed it so that you now have a shareable referral link. You will have a specific link for every referral that you have available in your account.

To use, simply click Copy, and the referral link will be copied to your clipboard. You can then share the link by pasting it into a text, email, direct message, forum post…really any medium that you want!

Some of you might also notice that you have more referrals available than before. We’ve heard some feedback from our athletes that they essentially lose a referral for good if their friend never redeems it. We changed it so now any previously sent referrals that went unredeemed are now “up for grabs”.


Here are some codes in anyone needs them. Please post once its taken.

2 codes here:

Grab it!

Thanks for the review of these and update! This is a great improvement and will hopefully help spread the exposure to TR. :smiley:

Codes used.

Much better than the old system.

Edit: these 3 referrals are still available as of May 12.

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I have 7 codes to share - I guess how this works will be first come first serve?


Hi All, I’m new to trainer road and would like to extend the experience prior to purchasing yearly, I was hoping trainer road could extend or someone could provide a promo to extend for 1 month trial pls. Thanks

Hi There, Hoping someone could assist with a promo code please, thanks in advance.

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Thank you.