TrainerRoad Referral Code Requests & Sharing

Hi, I’m new to structured training. Would be very grateful for a referral code so that I can try it for a month. Thanks Steve (UK)

I’m good, got one, thanks!

Winter is coming if anyone has a referral code to get me through a few weeks would be appreciated

I’d love a referral code as well.
Considering moving from zwift

Would be grateful if anyone could DM a code for a trial. Just got a Kickr and tried Sufferfest. I wanted to compare it to TR to see which is a better fit for me. Thanks in advance!

H! It will be great someone to share a referral code. Trying to chose between Zwit and TR. Thanks!

anyone have an extra referral code. looking to get more serious with training. Been running more and want to get back on the bike

Would someone please be able to share a referral code? thank you

Looking if anyone got an extra referral code. Beginner to structured training. Want to try it out to see if it can improve my rides.

Also looking for a free trial code please. Done with those Zwift training plans and ready to step it up! Thank you

Hi there,

Is there anyone with a trial? Really would like to test this software.

Thank you,

Hey all,

I recently asked a question on the podcast about training without a power meter or a trainer. Since then, a very kind samaritan reached out and sent me a mag trainer along with speed and cadence sensors so that I can use virtual power.

Now I am here to ask if anyone has a referral code so I can get started on a training plan. I know TR offers money back if you’re not happy, but I fully intend on sticking to the platform, so a free month would really help with my budget.

Thanks in advance!

Damon R.




Hi! I’m an Italian Zwift member thinking of making the change to TrainerRoad since I basically just do workouts on Zwift but would like to try out before I make the change I read about referral codes to try it out but can seem to find one. Does anyone know how can I get one? Thanks in advanced.


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Thank you so much Mariusz!