TrainerRoad Referral Code Requests & Sharing

Really keen to give TrainerRoad a go, please pm me if you have a code :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

Hi, can anyone please share referral code? I’ve just bought a new trainer so I’d love to test TR application.
Many thanks in advance

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Hi TR Community, any Referral Code available? just bought Kinetic Smart Trainer, looking to train indoor as this pandemic still sucks at our country. Thanks

There you go:


Have fun!

Hi can you please send it on email? Referral is no longer valid.

Sorry, someone must have used it before you did because it says redeemed in my page and I can’t share it anymore.
I’ll get my husband to send you one tomorrow if you still need it.
Sorry again!

Ok Thank You very much. Appreciated and waiting.
Thanks again

Good afternoon, are there any free referrals left I could try?


Good afternoon, does anybody have a spare referral they can send me please?


Thank you!

pon., 19 paź 2020, 17:29 użytkownik parry49 via TrainerRoad Forum <> napisał:

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Anyone with free 30 day trial code available please message back. Thank you.

Hi there,
I’m new to home training and I would like to give trainerroad a try and see if it’s for me. Does anyone would be so kind to help me to get a referral code?
Thank you in advance.


Could someone share ref code?


Could someone pm me a referral code please? Thanks!

David, I’m considering moving from Zwift to TrainerRoad. Can you send a code for 30-day free trial? Thanks, Jeff