TrainerRoad Outside Workouts Now Push to Garmin Edge 🎉

So long as the device supports custom workouts, you should be golden.

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Garmin Edge head units as low as the Edge 500 will support this, although the experience to load and execute a workout on the head unit itself may be slightly different depending on your model.


Thanks for the quick reply!

Thanks & congrats on the release! I’ve been looking forward to this feature!

I’m not sure if it’s just me but after completing the setup, an existing outdoor workout on my TR calendar scheduled for tomorrow did not push to my Garmin calendar.

I scheduled a new outdoor workout for tomorrow and the new workout successfully pushed to my Garmin calendar. If you’re in a similar situation, that’s a possible workaround.

Maybe toggle that existing workout to “Inside” and then back to “Outside” to trigger the change?

I would make sure to accept the changes between each transition to see if that helps.


Yep as a W user I have been able to create workouts on TP that automatically download to the W, would really love to see this ability from Trainerroad pretty please? :pray: Don’t really want to pay for multiple platforms if I don’t need to :money_mouth_face:


We have an engineer currently working on this very thing. It is his biggest focus right now, so shouldn’t be terribly long until he gets it done. He worked on the Garmin integration as well although the process to get things up and running isn’t quite the same for Wahoo.


103F / 39C outside, and 96F in the cave so its officially my off-season :sunny:

  • did the pre-work to re-auth Garmin

Ok, lets give this a go!

  • TR Desktop beta to add another heat acclimation ride (Lazy Mountain)
  • switched to outside ride (Francs Peak) and it synced immediately to Garmin Connect as seen from laptop web browser
  • turned on Edge 520, opened GC app on iPhone
  • Edge 520 synced immediately and ready to roll with Francs Peak
  • switched Desktop beta back to Inside ride and dual recorded (BT to MacBook; ANT+ to Edge 520)

Awesome! Thank you!



@ongd thanks for pointing this out. This is a bug that we have a fix in testing for. It should be released in the morning. The issue is confined to outside workouts that would have been pushed prior to you re-authorizing Garmin Ride Sync.

For those wondering, this will also push worjkouts to Garmin Fenix 3 HR. Havent ridden with it, but it does show up on the watch and goes through the workouts.

Now to just have my Run and Swims auto load into Trainer Road and also be pushed to the watch.


Sweet! It’s Garmin, so only likely to work for half of us. But cool!

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Awesome! Just bought a Garmin Edge 530, guess power meter is next on the list :sweat_smile:

very pleased with new update!
I just have to make a request-suggestion. Please, include some more specific hilly training sessions that can be done outside, and if you can be more detailed in terms of suggested terain that an outside workout can be performed

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Nice one guys! Super jealous Wahoo user here, but enjoy Garmin folks. TR team got this rolled out fast, impressive!

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Yep works, just no seeing the graph but everything else as per the info and my previous experience creating manual workouts in garmin connect :slight_smile:

Garmin 520… not seeing the ‘graph’ of the workout and not sure how I tell if the workout needs manual laps or automatic… is that the word ‘STEP’ to suggest i need to press the lap button to proceed ?

Just tested the sync and it looks great! Would be nice to have filter for outside workouts in workout library.

Question: Will it autoupdate the workouts already synced to Garmin if I change FTP in my TR profile?

Good job guys!

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It’s coming to Wahoo too, in the fullness of time.