TrainerRoad is working! Two races in to Pedalfest 2019 - Race Report

Pedalfest Round two was last night. It drizzled and rained for almost 2 hours prior to the race. Castaic is a clay pit. When it gets wet it packs on weight like me with a bag of doughnuts. Also, no traction. It gets slick as snot. I opted not to pre-ride to keep the bike as clean as possible. My friend and I were watching the bikes on the track. They were caked in clay and we were being told how slippery it was. We were both debating whether it was a good ideal to race at all. I can’t exactly afford to get hurt since my wife is a stay at home Mom. Being know for my good decision making I decided to race, but race to survive, no heroics. When the kids race started the weather had turned for the better. It was cold, uncomfortably cold, and of course I brought no foul weather gear. Thanks to Cindy Marnoch from Incycle for bringing we arm warmers. That helped a lot.

The course had to be altered a bit for safety reasons right before the start. The rain made me nervous but it ended up being awesome. I took the same wrong turn 2x adding 1/2 mile to my race and still pulled a 2 spot. The winner passed me 100 yards before the finish. Time to work on my sprint. For two races in a row I have lead for at least a lap. Tonight, even with the wrong turns I lead until the final sprint. TrainerRoad Works. This program is legit… I am still in base phase looking to peak in November for some Big Gravel Events. The difference in aerobic fitness is immense. If I was peaking now… Hmmm. Might have to try that for next season…

Thanks to Greg Flanagan and Gina Flanagan (pedalfest owners) for pulling this one off and challenging all of us to remember we are mountain bikers. Sometimes you have to grow a pair and go for it. Missing the turn was my own fault. Ask my wife how well I listen…

My wife has a little sign by our back door that reads “The Mud will wash off. The memories will last a Lifetime.” I think that sums it up nicely.

Side note. NBA Hall of fame player Reggie Miller races these races when he is not working. You can see his name at the bottom of the results as a DNS (playoffs I believe). He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He is in my class but one age group up (50+). It is so cool to race with someone that truly understand the commitment to training needed to achieve your goals. He is inspirational. I have beat him before but he has taken it to a whole new level this year and is spanking us big time. As he passes you he always gives you some positive encouragement. I have never followed basketball but I truly understand why people love this guy. BOOMBABY!!!


Reggie Miller is one of the greatest all-time trash talkers in NBA history. I think I’d be a little disappointed if Reggie passed me and didn’t talk a little crap!

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