Trainerroad is trying to kill me

I’m going into the 5th week of Marathon XC mid volume…coming off a recovery week these two workouts were brutal…they dont look that hard on paper but they were tough.Screenshot_20190307-173056_Samsung%20Internet Screenshot_20190307-174802_Samsung%20Internet


I think they look pretty tough on paper and it doesn’t look like you were even half dead based on that sprint on the end of Chimneys. :wink:

Agree with @grenhall. Those recovery valleys in Washington don’t give you much at all. That said, it looks like you’re able to steady your breathing pretty quickly.

Those aren’t easy rides, but not the worse either. I posted something about this a few weeks ago. You will struggle coming off of a rest week for a work out or three. Chad said doing an ‘opener’ the day before the weeks starts can help. Our bodies get used to the easier workouts, then bam! you are back at it :slight_smile:

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I had to ditch the big gear stomps in chimney for higher cadence spins…those would have killed my knees…that being said I woke up in the middle of the night with a massive quad cramp.

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Some of those just wear you down with the cumulative effect. They’re tough.

Agreed…Washington had over 35 minutes above FTP…with little rest.

You did both workouts at 3-4% higher intensity than prescribed.

So strictly speaking, you tried to kill yourself…

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Happens to me too. Every. single. night.

I use virtual power and just always try and stay above the prescibed wattage.