Trainerroad in the military

How do you best use trainerroad if you often have to do a physical training programme that you don’t have control of?

These sessions could be strength and conditioning, running or ruck marches and not necessarily good cross-training (and hard to track stress) but still leading to fatigue that means you cannot complete a scheduled workout.

Any good ideas?

I’d do a low volume plan and just fit the 3 workouts in as you can thru out the week.

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or simply use TrainNow to select a session that feels appropriate/achieveable based on your time and fatigue from the other sessions?

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It’s just like anything else…rest/sleep and eating enough are paramount. You’ll have to experiment and see what you can get away with based on your schedule and how your body reacts. Just understand you may not be in ideal cycling shape compared to others because it’s not necessarily possible.

I’m in the NG but I was active duty last year. It took a while to get used to, but I was able to make due with a mid volume SS plan, while still doing PT in the mornings. I’m not a grunt anymore either, so that made it easier. Running/rucking for 3 mornings, lifting weights for the other two and then whatever was scheduled on TR in the afternoon. Definitely not easy, but doable as your body adjusts.

With all that said, when it comes to my yearly trainings that can be a few weeks to multiple months, I usually just take time off from the bike altogether. I’m planning around my three week hiatus next May by building the plan now and ensure I peak for next year’s spring races. Once I get back in June, I’ll have to build up again, but my aerobic side should still be in decent shape to head into the summer. Just gotta be flexible…