TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!

We now have a super sweet training calendar on!

Few highlights:

On the web

  • Add our training plans directly on the calendar (You can adjust the training days)
  • Add triathlon training plans that include the swim/run workouts
  • Plan non-TR workouts like outside rides, runs, swims, and “other” workouts
  • Add annotations to your calendar to track things like travel, rest, sickness or general notes
  • Mark workouts as races with A, B, and C priority

You can drag and drop workouts around, push weeks out and see how your training stress trends all the way up to your A race.

In the app (Mac support coming soon)

  • See what your next workout is and tap on it to open it (Super quick to launch workouts)
  • Read link to your annotations online

We’re working on full app calendar support. You’ll see these features roll out over the coming weeks.

You can view it today if you go to your career page at

Moving Forward

We’ve had a lot of great feedback while

Calendar Features
Here’s a summary of the stuff we’re going to add based on your feedback. This is a high level as all the details aren’t fully fleshed out. This list is subject to change as we learn more and it’s not in order of priority.


  • Don’t tie plan start date to a specific workout, let you move the plan start date. Completed
  • Automatically add past plans to the calendar Completed and TSS graphs so that you can tell when plans started. (still working on this one)
  • Make completed workouts feel more impactful (the small green check mark isn’t enough). Completed
  • Show swimming in yards or meters depending on your settings Completed
  • Copy, cut, paste workouts Completed
  • Copy weeks Completed
  • Collapsable TSS graph so you can see more of your calendar Completed
    Recurring events! TR or outside! Completed

Coming Soon

  • View races on your TSS graph
  • View plan starts on your TSS graph
  • Months (or something like that) displayed on the TSS graph to give more context.
  • Time for Swimming, this will impact your weekly total time
  • Make the start of a plan more apparent on the calendar

Pushed for now but we’ll still do these (we’re working on desktop app updates)

  • Show a percentage bar that represents how far you are through a plan
  • Show just bike, run, swim, or other TSS on the TSS graph
  • Select specific weeks of a plan when you add them (so you could just do weeks 4-8).
  • Specify time of day of a workout, this is for iCal/Google/Exchange sync.
  • Run/Bike/Swim breakdown in weekly summary Completed

Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us over the years! We’ve got a vision of where we want to go and Calendar has enabled a lot of it to happen.

Thanks to everyone who also helped us test the calendar while in beta.


Well done!

Please add multiple FTP settings for different sports, as many of the TR workouts can be used with other sports/activities. (e.g.

I tried to help myself (did some sort of “cheating the system”) with doing the math before every workout and adjusting the the intensity. During the workout it worked well, but afterwards it was a bit ugly/tedious (charts looked bad/wrong and I had to adjust the FTP every time for every workout).

Edit: some bad typos

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YES! I have been digging through the calendar today to find out how to do this. Seems I was never going to find it.

Also, when selecting the start and end dates of the training plan, the dates are shown in some weird American format :slight_smile: makes it hard to see what I am doing at a glance. Small detail but I thought I’d report it. I hope this is the right thread for feedback/feature requests.

Thanks to the TR team for all of the hard work.

Oh yes. Being able to have my TT FTP and Road FTP selectable before each workout would be awesome.


That should be showing up based on your browsers local. I’ll put an issue in to make sure this setup correctly.

Recurring calendar would be fantastic! I swim T, Tr, Saturday 50 weeks out of the year. Would be silly to manually add them all in :slight_smile:

The filter by activity for TSS, and overall TSS, would also be a nice bonus, as well as the weekly breakdown you mentioned.

Love new calender feature and flexibility to move workouts and plan further ahead. Top feature and have moved from monthly to annual subscription as know I won’t move away.
Only query…if I plan a TR workout…Then do an outside ride instead, can I assign the outside ride to the workout?

Yes you can. Just click on the outdoor ride and hit the “Associate With” Button.

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Tried that but couldn’t see it…is that on app (android) or PC?

Oh, sorry, yes that was on PC. I have the iOS app, and it doesn’t look like the “associate ride” feature has made it there yet.

Having workouts automatically appear in my calendar would be very helpful! I do this manually now to reserve the time in a busy schedule.


Being able to push weight and body fat into the TrainerRoad calendar would be nice so that you could track W/kg trends. Even better if it could integrated with some wifi enabled scales.


It’s been mentioned elsewhere, but I would love to see some sort of version of the Training Peaks CTL, ATL, TSB summary. Strava also has a similar graph and summary.


I would like to have the ability to change the week’s start day from Monday to Sunday please. Having Monday as the first day of the week completely throws me off. Love the calendar though, it’s AWESOME!!


Just been putting future rides into the new calendar feature.
Why does the estimated TSS start reducing for rides longer than about 16 hours? I do long Audaxes and the TSS for my 24 hour rides are lower than on a 10 hour ride of the same intensity!

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Calendar and Forums all at once. Woo hoo!

I figured out most of it without serious thinking, so great work on the UI/UX aspects. I gave up on finding the copy/recurring feature but guessed it was to be done (confirmed here).

Almost time to retire my spreadsheet planner. :grinning: Keep up the great work.

Two things I’d like to see, premium a la carte add on plans from Tr would be partners, I.e Tower26!

Stryd metrics pulled from Garmin app.

I’m enjoying what seems to be a big data approach/IoT and the narrow focus you have an the ability to deliver the goods. Kudos to the team


Whilst moving workouts around on the new calendar is pretty easy I then need to update my TrainingPeaks calendar, which is somewhat tedious.

Whilst I’d love them to sync I’d be happy with a batch export feature. I.e. I’d plan my cycling on the TrainerRoad calendar then dump the dates/names/TSS as a training plan for TrainingPeaks to slurp in.


When adding in the multisport training plans it would be nice to be able to “deselect” the run or swim workouts - i use a different running training program than TR and just have to go delete those workouts prior to putting in my own. Not too big of an issue but a nice to have.


Can you bring back the training screen together with the calendar? It was nice seeing a summary of my current training plan.