Trainerroad: Blog and Social Media have gone quiet

Over the past 3 to 4 weeks, the training blog and trainerroad’s Instagram and Facebook have gone quiet. I find myself learning quite a lot when I read those short social media posts and read the blogs. The blog posts are great at expanding and clarifying the topics discussed during the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast. Sometimes, I misinterpret certain concepts when I hear them being discussed at the podcast. When I later read the blog, I am also able to better understand the topic (after listening to the podcast of course!).

I would like to know why the blog and social media have gone quiet over the past couple of weeks? Are we missing out on any tips?

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Stoked to hear you find the content valuable!

We’ve pivoted in our Marketing Strategy and you’ll see less blog posts and social posts from us for the next while. We are focusing on bringing you more YouTube content (coming soon!), improving and adding to our podcast output, focusing on our forum community, and providing insights from our data set, all with the goal of making you faster. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! Curious to see the upcoming content!

along with Gears with Chad, sounds like levels 2.0 and outside unstructured support is incoming.

Theyve also gone quiet on the training front. None of them appear to have done a workout since 2021 if you look at theyre strava accounts.

Think you might be looking at the worrying accounts? Have definitely seen Jonathan post some


Just because it’s not on strava doesn’t mean they don’t ride/ train still.
A bunch of people I know are done with strava, they race and care more about those results.


Yeehaa. The race analysis returns!!


Yes. Jonathan is quite active on Strava!