Trainerroad bad Google and Tracking scripts

Hello, just started with Trainerroad and must bring unfortunately a first bad feedback.

But lets start with the good - I have experience on Rouvy, ICTrainer, Zwift and Trainingpeaks. I am able to compare :wink: - Trainerroad has as of now the best Trainingsplans and seamless logic for workout, adaption and workouts. Kudos for that.

But the UserExperience on the Page itself is bad.
Its full blown of Google Analyitcs, cross read trackers and scripts.
Just to give some examples, the page took 3,5 minutes to load completely in the NAT. (Windows 11 Pro with Chrome + iPad OS on iPad Pro, also the App seems to be not responsive enough)
I debugged it with the Chrome console and beside a hell lot of tracking, google analyitcs, failed requests to also Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) kicked in.

How can i quantify it. I have in my NAT with wife and Kids 16 devices in my local network.
We had in the last 24h from the devices 33k requests via my router.
And Trainerroad is the only one lagging extreme and overblown with tracking, and scripts.
I think you can do that better. Less is more!!

Welcome to the forums, which Page are you talking about?

You might get a better response from

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It starts with the main page and also same behaviour on mobile safari iPhone 13 mini.

cc: @admins

Welcome, @zoboldfuk!

I’m glad that you love the training experience on TrainerRoad! Although, I’m sorry that you are having trouble with the website.

As you mention, we use the following in a limited way, and never sell or share your data.

  • Google Analytics to tweak the site so that you can learn about TrainerRoad, and ultimately improve your experience.
  • Facebook pixel to run ads. It lets us know if someone signs up via Facebook ads so we can understand conversions and avoid targeting existing TrainerRoad athletes ( because that would be annoying).
  • Datadog to log and monitor processes throughout the product so we can catch and understand any issues that may come up.

In addition, Cross-Origin Read Blocking shouldn’t adversely affect our site loading.

With that said, I’d like to figure out what is going on here, as the website should not be taking that long to load. Do you have a developer-related setting on your computer, by any chance?


Works for me just fine and I greatly prefer targeted ads over random ads. I tried to go fully incognito on the web for a while and got sick of useless untargeted ads. Turns out I really like being targeted.