Trainer Recommendations

Looking for a smart trainer that can do erg mode well thats under $1200 aud. It seems like every trainer that’s a reasonable price is plagued with problems. Which ones will be the least likely to fail and/or problems? Cheers!

The best single resource on overall recommendations and some pricing info (standard, not sale).

As to the problems, you will find success and failures with each and every model. Determining the trends is difficult with the web and tendency to complain more than congratulate. I’d suggest a firm review of the above, searching here on any model(s) you plan to consider, and then ask more specific followup questions if you can’t find the answers in the questions above.

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Agree with @mcneese.chad recommendation. DCRainmaker offers very in depth reviews. Another great resource is Shane Miller’s youtube channel his reviews tend to be a bit shorter but his testing is in depth as well.

He collaborates a lot with DCRainmaker as well.

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Keep an eye on chain reaction for the H2. 960 delivered.