Train Plan Help for Steamboat Stinger 52 Mile Mountain Bike Race

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I wanted to see if I could get a little help with my training plan. I’m preparing for the Steamboat Stinger 52 mile mountain bike race on August 10th, 2019. The race is 52 miles with (7,400 Ft. Elevation Gain). The race is a 2 lap course (100% dirt, 90% Single Track), I did the race last year and was able to do 1 lap making the 3:45 cut off time by less than a minute. This year my goal is to complete the 2 laps.

I was looking through the Trainer Road Training Programs and it looks like if I did the 1. Base 2. Build 3. Specialty Protocol then it would require 20 weeks and the race is 13 weeks away. Any suggestions on how I should modify my training would be greatly appreciated! Some options I was thinking of were to just do the Build and Base portions as that is 12 weeks or shorten each of the 3 phases so they total 13 weeks.

FYI I have been training for triathlon and just finished by first Half Ironman last week (7 Hrs.) so I have some fitness built up, but during my training I was not doing any sweet spot training just longer slower rides. Honestly I wasnt getting in a enough rides for the triathlon training just 1-2 per week.

One of my bigger concerns on this race is making the cut off times, last year I gave it everything I had to make the 3:45 cut off time on the first lap, it does look like they are more liberal on the cut off time for the second lap as there were finishers in the 8:40 time range so it looks like they give about 5 hours for the second lap. Last year I did not have a specific training plan just trying to ride a few times a week.

By the way, I will be out in Steamboat for about 2 months before the race and the course is only a couple miles from our house so I will have the opportunity to ride the actual course as much as I like. Thanks so much and appreciate any advice you can give.



Thanks @mcneese.chad that is a great resource

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It sure it. Let us know if you have questions about the recommendations.