Train for city riding

Typical (hard) city riding: lots of coasting, lots of stopping and starting, lots of hard start intervals, lots of mental stress, need to start hard to keep up with traffic then brake hard at stop signs/lights.

To ‘train’ for this type of riding, I think the crit specialization is my best bet. Am I correct? (But I am afraid that I just need to raise my power curve all around and maybe I should think about specializing later, after I build some general power…)

I can’t decide if I should just do base/build (general power build) a few times to get stronger, then do a specialization, or just do base/build/specialty. I’m just below 3 watt/kg.

Oh well, I’d be appreciative of any thoughts about how I should proceed…

Here is what this sort of riding looks like:

Training for city riding is an interesting spin, I would think the city riding itself is the best training. Depending upon your comfort level, staying with traffic can be very fun and challenging, a great workout.
If you live in the fishtown near me, be careful of potholes, lunatics drivers, and roosevelt boulevard. And storm grates and trolley tracks in the rain.
Wish I had more useful advice, I am genuinely curious why you’re training for the city riding though!

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I’m not expert, but I think training for track sprinting would be the most appropriate of the classic cycling disciplines. Short burst of high power, less importance in cruising speed endurance.

However, trainer road doesn’t seem to offer that option. Criterium would be the best next thing, in my in-expert opinion.

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