Trail Bike on a XC Race

I ride a Canyon Spectral 29 and a Grail AL. In autumn I was at a “Gravel” race. But more in the European sense. No kilometre-long gravel roads, but rather what you would classify as an XC race. Now I’m hooked on the XC bug and would love to do such a race. But a third bike is somehow out of the question.

What do you think, how big is my disadvantage if I show up there with the Spectal? Does anyone have experience with a trail / all mountain bike in an XC race?

put some xc tires on and you’ll be fine, or don’t change tires at all and you’ll still be fine

It’s not going to be dramatic if you swap out the tires.
If you put on some XC tires like the Maxxis Ardent etc, you’re mostly hampered by weight, and perhaps a less efficient pedaling position/aero. I would give it a go!

I tried racing my old 140mm/160mm trail bike at some local races. They were pretty technical. Every lap I was passed by the HT gang going uphill, and then I passed them again going downhill :stuck_out_tongue: So it honestly came more down to my fitness (or the lack of).

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A friend got several podiums this year in sport and expert later in the year racing on a yeti 130 lr. He’s also ridiculously fit, doesn’t train, just rides. He’s also very fast through technical single track and overall just rips.

run what ya brung


Perfect, that gives me a good feeling @JHow . Here in Switzerland, I have the feeling that the races are very technical anyway. And I’m working on my fitness, that’s why I’m on TR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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